Open Peering Policy

AS211083 is happy to open peering sessions (both ipv4 and ipv6) with all public networks
                 and we peer on all route servers we are invited to

Transit free / paid

We can offer free transit based on a fair use policy to all public networks, which are in the need of a manageable amount of upstream. In addition we offer paid services to customers with higher bandwidth or quality needs.

Private Peering (PNI)

We offer free private Peering: 

  • in the facilities we have own equipment (1/10g only) 
  • via GRE/SIT Tunnel to one of our border routers

Peering Requirements

  • We wish you to have an up-to-date peeringDB entry
  • You should have a valid public ASN
  • You should have at least one ipv4 and/or ipv6 prefix asigned to you
  • You should have a NOC-Email or provide any other way to get in contact
  • Only announce prefixes you own
  • You should have valid ROAs (IRR Objects) for all of the prefixes you are willing to announce
  • Only send traffic that is specified for the prefixes we are announcing to you
  • Don’t set default or static routes to us
  • Don’t send us traffic that does not match the routes we announce to you

Default filtering policy

  • the NEXT_HOP has to be the announcing system itself (excluded route servers)
  • Routes whith AS_PATH longer than 32 ASN (ASN, not HOPS!) are rejected
  • AS_PATH.FIRST has to be the announcing ASN (excluded route servers)
  • Routes with invalid ASN in the AS_PATH are rejected
  • RPKI BGP Prefix Origin Validation is activated, invalid routes are rejected
  • IX Route Server routes of direct Peering ASN on this IX are rejected, should be the same anyway, but isn’t in some cases
  • IPv4 prefixes outside of a length between /8 – /24 are rejected
  • IPv6 prefixes outside of a length between /12 – /48 are rejected
  • Bogon Prefixes, Default routes and loopbacks are rejected

Reserved rights

  • We may change our peering policy contents and requirements at any time
  • We may reject a peering request at any time for any reason
  • We may pause or terminate any BGP connection at any time without prior notice
  • Peering Sessions do not entitle anyone for any payments from us

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